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I t is likely that Long Island has been chosen as the location of the video shoot, because Zelda Fitzgerald lived there for three years with her husband.

B ecause of some male and female nudity present (most likely the first couple of seconds), the video has been banned from showing on MTV America, MTV Brasil, MTV Latino and some British TV stations.

From Literally 15:

    They discuss how explicit the video can be. Though it is one of their favorite videos, Being boring was never shown properly in America because of the bare flesh. Neil and Chris want to make sure this video can be seen by everybody. “In Europe no one has any problem with nudity,” Neil explains. “I mean, you couldn’t show an erect penis. But America has a thing about bottoms. You actually have a rule that you can’t see an arse-crack.” He laughs. “When we told our American manager you were doing this video [for Se a vida é] he went pale.”

T he video won Music Week’s Best Video of the Year 1990 award. In MTV’s “sexiest video ever” poll some time ago, Being boring was number two, having been beaten only by I want your sex from George Michael.

A ccording to Neil, the video for Being boring cost about 150,000 pounds and was the most expensive Pet Shop Boys video to date (but most likely being beaten by all of Very era CGI videos).

N eil first caught conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva) during the shooting of the video. From Literally 22:

    “Conjunctivitis never entirely goes away,” he says. “You get it, you’ve got it.” He first got it when they made the Being boring video: “I’ve never entirely forgiven Long Island for that.”

T he beautiful models seen in the video are told to have worked for free. Among them were Neneh Cherry’s brother, Eagle-Eye Cherry (who had a hit with Save tonight in 1999), daughter of famous actor Robert de Niro—Drena de Niro (recently to be seen in movies Showtime and City by the sea), and Maria Cristina Mosquera, Venezuelan model.

C ontrary to the report in Literally 5, Neil stated in 2003 on the official Pet Shop Boys website that the handwritten text appearing at the beginning and end of the video (and, subsequently, the introduction to this website) is Bruce Weber’s, and not one of his friends.

Regardless, this introduction includes wrong spelling (“New Castle”) of Neil’s hometown, Newcastle, UK. It is even more funny considering that the video for extended mix of previous single, So hard had the name spelled right.

W ill Young’s 2002’s video for Light my fire is said to be very similar in style to (or, quoting one of the fans, “exact rip-off” of) Being boring.

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