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P romotional video for Being boring, directed by Bruce Weber, was released on Promotion videocassette and laserdisc in June 1991.


T he same video was released along with seventeen other clips on Videography video 1991, on VHS, laserdisc and Video CD.


T here also was a release of Pet Shop Boys’ 1996’s album Bilingual with a bonus videocassette with videos for Before, Se a vida é and Being boring (sold in Hong Kong and Australia).

O ne-track promotional VHS cassette with Being boring clip was released by EMI Video in USA in 1991. A promotional video compilation issued by the same company, and called Behavior compilation also had this video, along with So hard and Seriously (as it was called then).

Another promotional video with Being boring was mysterious American Video compilation #17853, released in 1991.

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