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B ackground mix of the video appeared on a promotional videocassette released shortly after the single’s premiere in 1990. It consisted of snippets of previous Pet Shop Boys videos (including Love comes quickly, first version of Opportunities, It’s alright, Suburbia, Domino dancing, Paninaro, It’s a sin, West End girls, Left to my own devices, So hard, What have I done to deserve this? and Rent) edited and mixed with some blending and other basic special effects.

The cassette was once estimated by Music Collector to be worth 125 UK pounds.

The video itself has been used at least once during the performance promoting Behaviour at Arsenio Hall Show in 1990. Only the visuals were shown, while the Pet Shop Boys performed West End girls and So hard with two backing singers (possibly Pam Sheyne and Sylvia Mason-James). There’s an excerpt about this performance in Pet Shop Boys versus America book:

    Back at the venue they discuss their forthcoming live appearance on America’s most important chat show, The Tonight Show:

    “I don’t know if we shouldn’t do what we normally do,” says Chris. “Be a duo. Otherwise, on-stage you’re going to see a Rastafarian guitarist and we’re going to look like everyone else.”

    “We’ve got Trevor and Mark,” points out Neil.

    “Yeah,” says Chris, “but that’s not that different. For the Arsenio Hall show we had a scratch video made and banks of video screens and we had our attitude sorted out.”

(Medium quality, taken from
promotional videocassette, 3 MB)

I n addition to the background mix, the abovementioned performance on Arsenio Hall Show is also available for download.

(Low quality,
recorded from TV, 84 MB)

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