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I n the following table you’ll find detailed history of Being boring with most important dates and events:

22nd October, 1990.

Being boring released as first track on Behaviour album. (page 94)


12th November, 1990.

Being boring released as a single throughout UK and Europe. (page 87)

Being boring.

22nd November, 1990.

First live performance of the song on Top of the Pops in English TV. (page 76)

May, 1991.

Marshall Jefferson mix appears on US release of How can you expect to be taken seriously? (page 93)

How can you expect to be taken seriously?

27th May, 1991.

Added to the Performance tour set for last concerts in UK and Ireland. (page 68)

3rd June, 1991.

Clip released on Promotion compilation video. (page 43)


15th October, 1991.

Performed at the Heaven Nightclub in London, UK. (page 75)

4th November, 1991.

7 inch mix released on compilation album Discography, videoclip included on complementary video Videography. (page 43, page 94)


13th May, 1992.

Performed at the Haçienda club in Manchester, USA. (page 75)

28th September, 1992.

Edit of instrumental version released on Performance video. (page 48)


December, 1993.

Being boring projection released as a bonus on Projections—a collection of video backdrops used on Pet Shop Boys concerts. (page 42)


26th October, 1994.

First performance of Being boring during Discovery tour in Singapore. (page 69)

1995 (exact date unknown).

The garden, Merril Bainbridge’s album released; one of the songs featured is a cover of Being boring. (page 54)

The Garden.

August, 1995.

Exotron’s happy rave cover played for the first time on a rave event Hiroshima Mayday in Budapest. (page 55)

7th August, 1995.

Live version released on Discovery video. (page 77)


May, 1996.

Exotron’s cover released on their Mindfusion EP. (page 55)


7th December, 1996.

Merril Bainbridge’s rendition of Being boring released as a B-side on single Mouth. (page 54)


7th April, 1997.

Album version released on Dutch triple album reissue Originals. (page 94)


26th May, 1997.

Autopulver’s cover of Being boring released as a B-side on Norwegian single Frisbee. (page 56)


5th June, 1997.

First performance of the song during Somewhere concerts in London, UK. (page 70)

26th October, 1997.

On Equality Show, the medley of Being boring and Sixteen going on seventeen is performed. (page 75)

24th November, 1997.

Live version released on Somewhere video. (page 77)


31st March, 1998.

Extended mix released on US compilation album Essential. (page 94)


16th April, 1999.

Being boring by Autopulver released as a separate single. (page 56)

Being boring.

28th August, 1999.

Unique version of the song performed at Creamfields Festival in Liverpool, UK. (page 75)

20th October, 1999.

First performance of the new Nightlife tour version of the song in Miami, USA. (page 71)

3rd January, 2000.

Live version from Houston released on third CD of You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk single. (page 93)

You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk.

16th January, 2000.

First performance with slight change of lyrics (“by the 1990s”) in San Sebastian, Spain. (page 22)

22nd February, 2000.

Live version from Houston released on Mini PSB, Japanese compilation CD. (page 94)

Mini PSB.

28th April, 2000.

Performed live at Equality Rocks concert in Washington, USA. (page 75)

May, 2001.

Extended mix released on Sampler, promotional CD including songs from upcoming first six album reissues. (page 94)


4th June, 2001.

Remastered versions of album and extended mixes released on reissued Behaviour double album. (page 94)

Reissued Behaviour.

5th June, 2001.

A tribute album very introspective, actually released, including Being boring cover by David J. (page 58)

very introspective, actually.

12th November, 2001.

Composition of several various live performances of Being boring during the Nightlife tour released on DVD and VHS entitled Montage. (page 77)


8th February, 2002.

First performance of the slightly modified version of the song in Bristol, UK, as a part of the short University tour. (page 73)

13th March, 2002.

Being boring performed at a special BBC Theatre concert. (page 75)

10th April, 2002.

A surprise performance of Being boring (even moreso considering that the latest single at the time—I get along—was not played) at Jools Holland TV show. (page 76)

14th May, 2002.

The date of the concert in Miami launching the Release tour, with Being boring as the first song of the encore. (page 74)

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