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A s mentioned before, Being boring did not do very well in UK charts. Compared to other releases, even those years after the Pet Shop Boys’ “imperial phase,” it was simply a disaster. Being boring started at an exceptionally (and unexpected) low position—#36—to move to embarrassing #20 the next, and six places below that the following week. And that was it in the Top 40 (the song stayed in the Top 75 for five more weeks). In the long history of Pet Shop Boys only one song—1991’s Was it worth it? performed worse in the charts, peeking at #24.

The other markets were similarly brutal. In Germany the single debuted at #13 and then hung around the lower parts of Top 20 for the following three weeks. Single chart in the Netherlands didn’t even notice the release and there was nothing to be proud of in various other song lists as well.

Here is the list of known chart positions for Being boring:

Chart Place
UK Top 40 single chart
(17th November, 1990)

#36, then #20, then #26.

Germany Top 20 single chart
(20th December, 1990)

#13, then #19, #18 and #20.

Sweden single chart #16.

Argentina single chart #16.

DMR Magazine HiNRG Top 50
(16th January, 1991)


DMR Magazine Top 80 Retail
(16th January, 1991)


Rockpool Magazine Dance Club Chart
(15th March, 1991)


A s an interesting sidenote, the official UK number one of the Being boring’s week of release was Vanilla Ice’s hit Ice ice baby.

B oth Being boring and its direct predecessor, So hard, were included in the list of “singles of the year 1990” in New Music Express magazine.

S trangely enough, Being boring landed on place #83 on MTV Brasil Top 100 of 2001. This is reportedly impressive, not only considering that the video was once banned from this video station due to excessive nudity, but also because according to national regulations, half of the songs from top 100 have to be songs from Brasil.


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