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T he idea for this site materialized somewhere in early 1997—a while after I started discovering Internet and WWW—but it grew on me in a rather slow manner.

I have hastily created a basic site hierarchy and written it down in my notebook, in the following months adding more ideas as I thought of them. (However, for months the flipside would’ve been far more important—it contained codes for interesting levels in Worms: Reinforcements game.)

Notepad page.

During my 1998’s work on redesign of then-most-popular Pet Shop Boys site, Virtually, I have created a simple mock-up of one page of the Being boring website, but I have never been satisfied with it, and the project was shelved before it went anywhere. (Looking at the picture of the mock-up now, one might notice some similarities with current design.)

Site mock-up.

Two-and-a-half years later, with Being boring already having a special meaning for me, I have created a small booklet for a Christmas present. It was only the size of a CD, 112 pages long (half of them photographs from the video), in Polish, containing most of the information about the song I knew at the time. Only one copy of that book exists.

It took half a year for the idea of making a website to resurface, but this time with much bigger appeal. I already had some of the research done (or so I thought— later months would increase the amount of information about Being boring tenfold) and as quick calculations revealed that the tenth anniversary was drawing near, this was the opportunity that could not be missed.

I soon registered the domain. Why 10 years of Being Boring? I liked the name of such unusual length and the fact, that it had a double meaning (somebody later said “I find it hard to believe that anyone can be boring for 10 years”). The other contenders for the title/domain were (already taken), (ugly),, and (interesting, but not very memorable). For a while it seemed that I would miss the date of the single release (the second deadline was the premiere of Behaviour; the teaser at the site foreseeingly stated “coming this fall” instead of giving exact date), but I managed to make it in time. And the rest—if you excuse the cliché—has been history.

That was almost three years ago. During this time the site grew from 100 to 150 pages, and since then I am playing with the idea of making the history go round and creating a book with more or less printed version of the site.

Who knows...?

Marcin Wichary.

T he codename of this site has been “BB10”—as was the author’s seat at the first Closer to heaven performance. (The name on the ticket is different, for it was bought via Internet by a friend.)

BB10 ticket.

I f the site was to be retitled today, it would have been called 33.65 years of Being Boring.

T his site has received two awards:

    “I hereby congratulate Marcin Wichary, with the Silver Phoenix Emblem of Excellence, for your outstanding achievement with your creation of the 10 years of Being Boring website.”

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