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Here is the index of all the pages available at this site:

Site (pages 2-8).
Foreword.Why has this site been created.
News.What changes have been made to this site lately.
Acknowledgements.People who deserve eternal gratitude for making the creation of this site possible.
Contents.Index of all the pages.
Trivia.Various factoids and factettes regarding this site.
Links.Other sites worth a visit.
Song (pages 9-14).
Information.General information about Being boring.
History.History of the song, presented in chronological order.
Credits.People involved in the production of the song.
Charts.Various chart positions of the release.
Trivia.Bits of information regarding the song.
Music (pages 15-19).
Information.Music of Being boring.
Melody.Information about notes and melody.
Chords.Information about guitar chords.
References.Musical references to other songs.
Lyrics (pages 20-34).
Information.Lyrics of song’s 1990’s, original album version.
Differences.Information about other versions of lyrics.
Original.Original lyrics, as written and corrected by Neil Tennant.
Rewrites.Rewrites of song’s lyrics.
Bainbridge.Merril Bainbridge’s take on song’s text.
Humour.Some humorous rewrites of Being boring lyrics.
Translated.Being boring lyrics translated to other languages.
Czech.Czech translation of the lyrics.
German.As above, only in German.
Japanese.Words of Being boring translated to Japanese.
Portugese.Song translated to Portugese.
Russian.Lyrics of the song in Russian.
Spanish.And the same text translated to Spanish.
Trivia.Various facts concerning lyrics.
Video (pages 35-45).
Information.Information about the video promoting the song.
Photos.Photographs from the video and photo session.
Clip.Stills from the promotional video.
Session.Photos from making of the video.
Alternates.Alternative Being boring clips.
Background.Informations about background mix of the video.
Projection.Derek Jarman’s Being boring projection.
Releases.Video releases containing Being boring clip.
Other.Other Pet Shop Boys videos from Bruce Weber.
Trivia.Various facts regarding the video.
Renditions (pages 46-65).
Remixes.Various remixes of Being boring.
Authorized.Remixes done or approved by Pet Shop Boys.
Unauthorized.DJ service and amateur remixes.
Megamixes.Megamixes or medleys including the song.
Authorized.Official megamixes including Being boring.
Unauthorized.DJ service and fan-made megamixes.
Covers.Covers by other bands and artists.
Bainbridge.Merril Bainbridge’s 1995’s cover.
Exotron.Exotron’s 1996’s cover.
Autopulver.Autopulver’s 1997’s cover.
Cole.LLoyd Cole’s cover, performed live.
J.2001’s version sung by David J.
Kismet.2001’s cover by Kismet.
Other.Other covers of Being boring.
Trivia.Some trivia regarding Being boring covers .
Homemade.Amateur renditions of Being boring.
Lo-fi.Older renditions with lower quality.
Hi-fi.More recent remixes available in MP3 format.
Trivia.Various facts related to different versions of the song.
Live (pages 66-84).
Tour.All tour live performances featuring Being boring.
Performance.1991’s theatrical Performance tour.
Discovery.1994’s Discovery tour.
Somewhere.1997’s Savoy Theatre three week stand.
Nightlife.1999’s-2000’s Nightlife tour.
2000.Summer 2000 concerts.
Uni.The short tour at the beginning of 2002.
Release.2002’s Release tour.
One-off.Other live performances of Being boring.
TV.Being boring performances as seen on TV.
Releases.Official releases of live recordings.
Photos.Photos from live performances of Being boring.
Discovery.Photos from 1994’s Discovery tour.
Somewhere.Photographs from Savoy Theatre’s performances in 1997.
Nightlife.1999’s-2000’s Nightlife tour photos.
Uni.Photos from 2002’s short University tour.
Release.2002’s Release tour photographs.
Trivia.Some small facts regarding Being boring live.
Releases (pages 85-95).
Singles.Single releases of the song.
Introduction.All single releases.
7 inch.7” releases of the single.
12 inch.Maxi-single vinyl releases.
Cassette.Cassette versions of the single.
CD.Being boring releases issued on CDs.
Studio.Unreleased internal studio records.
Other.Other single releases.
Albums.What albums did Being boring appear on.
Other.Other releases, including bootlegs and compilations.
Design (pages 96-101).
Information.Information about the design of the records.
Photos.Photographs from both sessions.
Promotional.Items used to promote Being boring.
Parallels.Releases with similar design.
Trivia.Some interesting tidbits about the design.
Materials (pages 102-119).
Articles.The articles about Being boring.
Brown.An interpretation of the song by Eldon C. Brown.
Dvorak.An exclusive Being boring review by Jan Dvorak.
Hocknell.2002’s Tom Hocknell’s article.
Navaira.An exclusive reminiscence by Navaira.
O’Driscoll.An exclusive article by Brian O’Driscoll.
Wattne.An interpretation of the song by T. C. Wattne.
Reviews.Reviews of Behaviour, Being boring and live performances.
Studio.Reviews of the song and the album.
Live.Reviews of live performances.
Interviews.Interviews on Being boring.
Printed.Excerpts from interviews with Neil or Chris.
Broadcasted.Audio and video materials regarding Being boring.
Opinions.Opinions about the song from the people visiting this site.
Quotes.Quotes regarding Being boring from various sources.
Studio.Quotes related to Being boring–the single and the video.
Live.Some quotes regarding live performances.
People (pages 120-142).
Producers.People who produced the song and the video.
Lowe.Christopher Sean Lowe, one half of the Pet Shop Boys.
Tennant.Neil Francis Tennant, second half of the Pet Shop Boys.
Faltermeyer.Harold Faltermeyer, German composer and producer.
Bates.Alistair Bates, producer of the video.
Musicians.People who performed on the song.
Belle.J. J. Belle, guitarist.
Clarke.Dominic Clarke, responsible for the plastic tube.
Remixers.People who remixed Being boring.
Jefferson.Marshall Jefferson, American DJ.
Schwartz.Peter Schwartz, multitalented remixer.
Engineers.Sound and music engineers and mixers.
Kraushaar.Bob Kraushaar, sound engineer.
Mendelsohn.Julian Mendelsohn, engineer and producer.
Reeves.Brian Reeves, sound engineer.
Visual.People associated with visual side of the records.
Farrow.Mark Farrow, designer of the sleeves and promotional items.
Weber.Bruce Weber, director of the video.
Douglas.The Douglas Brothers, photographers.
Rock.Sheila Rock, photographer.
Jarman.Derek Jarman, director of alternate video.
Fitzgerald.Zelda Fitzgerald, whose quote inspired Neil to create Being boring.
Downloads (pages 143-149).
Pictures.Various pictures related to the song.
Wallpapers.Being boring wallpapers.
Exclusive.Wallpapers made exclusively for this site.
Other.Other Being boring-related wallpapers.
Fonts.Fonts used in sleeves’ design.
Ringtones.Being boring ringtones for mobile phones.

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