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T his site is dedicated to Eliza—wherever you are and whatever you do today, this will always be our song.

My eternal gratitude and appreciation go to Magdalena and Navaira for being best friends I don’t know yet how I deserved to have. Thank you—I’m not sure how I would accomplish this without you.

Additional thanks go to Adam, Agnieszka, Jefferson Araújo, Sandra Brennan, ChameleonPSB, Dave Church, Chris Day, Claudio Chaves, DavePSB, Jan Dvorak, Enrique, Tamas Greczi, Helene, Mike Henderson, Tom Hocknell, Joanne, Keith, Christina Ladewig, Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, Paul Lukasiak, Kalle Malda, Mizar, Tomas Mosler, Maarten N., NemesisAlpha, Brian O’Driscoll, Paulo, Fred van de Peppel, Rafal Podgorski, Przemyslaw Pralat, Markie Price, redsock, Repopo, Martin Rossini, SouvenirDJ, Terry, Jochen Terstiege, TheGardner, Andrew Thomas, Michael Trost, Paul Watson and Wouter.

Greetings should also go to all the people from Introspective mailing list, as well as Sky Choice and Aimoo bulletin boards.

There have also been plenty of people who helped me updating the site, but unfortunately the whole list was accidentally deleted... Still, you know who you are, and thank you very much for everything!

And last, but most certainly not least, I’d like to thank Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant for everything you’ve ever done.

Thank you once again. Without the help, inspiration and support of all of you this site wouldn’t be what it is today, and probably wouldn’t even existed in the first place.

1  years of Being Boring resides on a server owned by Academic Centre of Computer Science in Szczecin, Poland.

While creating the site, there have been several sites which I found extremely helpful, such as Virtually, Press Archive, Humorously, Lazlo’s Discography, Discografica and Discoteca.

Some of the information and materials provided might be copyrighted by either Pet Shop Boys Partnership, Parlophone, EMI, Cage Music or Areagraph Ltd.

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