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T he now defunct site called Humorously offered a possibility to submit funny remix names for Pet Shop Boys songs. The names sent for Being boring included:
  • Being boring (Thesis Mix—Additional Pencil Tapping by AC-A-Demyc)
  • Being boring (“ ” mix)
  • Being boring (C-SPAN extended mix)
  • Being boring (Yawn mix)
  • Being boring (Hundred Years of Solitude Remix featuring Garcia Marquez)
  • Being boring (Look at our faces mix)

W hen Pet Shop Boys fans were asked what was their favourite remix of Being boring in Wayne Studer’s 2001’s poll, the results were as follows:

48% – extended mix
26% – Marshall Jefferson remix
17% – 1999 “live” arrangement (Drunk bonus track)
4% – some other remix not listed here
4% – don’t know or don’t like any

The rumoured DJ Sammy’s Summer Mix of Being boring from 2003 (also known as “new mix”) has been nothing more but an April Fools’ joke.

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