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Name:Being boring (Hot Tracks).
Remixed by:Glenn Cattanach for Hot Tracks.

H ot Tracks is an US-based DJ service, releasing CDs and 12 inch records with their own remixes of currently popular songs—which are meant for use by DJs at clubs—every 4 to 8 weeks. Hot Tracks’ mix of Being boring is based on the official Marshall Jefferson remix, basically done by “cut and paste” technique, but also sampling a bit of Heart in the middle of the song. It’s officially measured at 122 beats per minute.

The remix was released in 1990 on 12” and CD (Hot Tracks Series 10, Issue 1). It can also be found on several bootlegs, namely Heart Beats and Ultra Rare Trax 1.

(High quality, 8 MB)

Name:Being boring (Pop Mix).

P op Mix, presumably DJ service as well, released their mix of Being boring (again, built on the official Marshall Jefferson remix with additional percussion) on one of their American CDs. It was duplicated in 1993 on US bootleg Music for Boys and also on another bootleg compilation For Boys 3 (retitled “remix—cold ending”). The mix incorporates a sample from 1988’s I get excited (you get excited too).

(High quality, 6 MB)

Name:Being boring (Razormaid Mix).

A nother DJ service heavily remixing Pet Shop Boys’ songs, Razormaid, never released a remix of Being boring of their own. Instead, the Marshall Jefferson remix was included on a Single Artist Spotlight disc released with every Razormaid mix of Pet Shop Boys song. The remix, mislabeled “Mendelsohn mix,” was chosen by Richard Winkleman at a request from Joseph Watt.


Hot Tracks’ website.

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