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Name:PSB2 (new megamix).
Year of release:1993.

T his strangely titled unauthorized megamix was released by Techno Classix DJ Service on a bootleg CD named The Classic Techno Mixes. A rather long and somewhat remixed snippet of Marshall Jefferson mix of Being boring can be heard between 4:44 and 7:25. Other songs included are So hard, The end of the world, Heart, Left to my own devices, It’s alright and Always on my mind/in my house.

(High quality, 12 MB)

Name:If you don’t get that Pet Shop Boys mix.
Remixed by:Jason S.
Year of release:2000.

T his rather long (but definitely not lenghty) megamix consists of too many songs—not only hits, but also album tracks and B-sides—to mention them all. Album version of Being boring, again a little bit modified, is there between 21:19 and 22:41.

(High quality, 47 MB)

Reportedly, there has also been one other hard to spot megamix—PaulDj megamix, told to have Marshall Jefferson remix in it.

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