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Name:Overture to Performance.
Arranged and conducted by:Richard Niles.
Year of release:1991.

I t might be hard to call it a megamix, as Overture to Performance is an orchestral medley of Pet Shop Boys’ most popular songs. It was performed before every concert of 1991’s Performance tour, and consisted of renditions of It’s a sin, Being boring, Opportunities, So hard, Jealousy, Suburbia, How can you expect to be taken seriously?, What have I done to deserve this? and West End girls.

Being boring snippets are present twice, first at 0:56 through 1:31, second at 5:33 until the end of the song.

Overture to Performance has not been included on Performance video, but issued as a B-side on Pet Shop Boys’ 1991’s single DJ Culturemix.

(High quality, 7 MB)

Name:Swedish Megamix (radio edit).
Remixed by:Emil Hellman.
Year of release:1991.

S wedish megamix was released domestically by EMI Sweden in 1991 in order to promote Discography. It was issued on very rare CDs and 12”s. Radio edit of the mix consists of short snippet of Being boring introduction, So hard, Heart, Always on my mind, Suburbia and It’s a sin.

(High quality, 8 MB)

Name:Swedish Megamix (club mix).
Remixed by:Emil Hellman.
Year of release:1991.

A   second megamix released by EMI Sweden on the same record also includes Being boring, but in the form of Marshall Jefferson mix. The other songs mixed are West End girls, Domino dancing, What have I done to deserve this?, So hard, Heart, DJ culture, Always on my mind, Suburbia and It’s a sin, as well as excerpts of interviews with the Pet Shop Boys.

(High quality, 15 MB)

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