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A dditionally, there are at least four other covers of Being boring, all performed by a usual repertoire of “XXX hits sang by YYY”-type bands.

All versions are, as to be expected, barely listenable due to their cheap-sounding strings and keyboards and—in two cases—deformed lyrics sang by horrid vocalists.

Here is the summary of all the covers:

Year Group Album Length Download
2000 A.M.P. Pet Shop Boys 5:01
1999 Eastend Boys The Best of Pet Shop Boys 4:50 Download. (6 MB)
1994 Harmony Studio Project Tribute to Pet Shop Boys 5:50 Download. (5 MB)
PS Orchestra & Synthesizers The Hits of Pet Shop Boys 4:09 Download. (3 MB)
Boston Dance Orchestra Boston Dance Orchestra plays Pet Shop Boys (vol. 2) 5:01 Download. (3 MB)

Eastend Boys. HSP. PS Orchestra.

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