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A nother band to cover Being boring was Hungarian duo Exotron. Elod Csaszar and Mark Moldvai, members of the group, did a happy rave cover of this song with intention to play it only once, on a huge rave event in Budapest in 1996. It was meant to be a joke rather than something serious, as both Exotron members wanted to show to their friends how easy is to create a happy rave cover of a good song.

The cover originally wasn’t to be released, but yet it became surprisingly popular in local clubs, despite Exotron’s dislikeness for their creation. Local manager at EMI heard the song and after some calls got a green light to release it (which was the first time ever such permission was given to anybody who covered a Pet Shop Boys song) and eventually the cover found its place on Exotron’s Mindfusion EP. The CD was released domestically in 1996 and sold more than 7000 copies.

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