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A ustralian singer Merril Bainbridge’s 1995’s album The garden featured her rendition of Being boring, which turned the song into a mellow, acoustic ballad.

Comparing it with the original, the track—featuring basically only Merril and her guitar—is shorter (3:51) and has severely modified lyrics. Otherwise it’s not that bad a cover (provided you don’t mind the genre) and many Pet Shop Boys fans admit they quite like it.

Merril Bainbridge’s Being boring was later released as a B-side to single Mouth in December 1996, which peaked at 51 in UK Top 75 and disappeared the following week.

T he following is a tidbit of interview with Merril Bainbridge, which appeared on Consumable Online website:

    Bob Gajarsky:
    These songs are indicative of the rest of The garden. Bainbridge playfully teases the listener, with cheery, bouncy songs interspersed with ballads, while incorporating an intriguing combination of instruments and influences to create a sound not quite like anyone else. Miss you is quite similar to Mouth and on other ballads, Bainbridge sounds vaguely reminiscent of Madonna. Those beautiful vocals are highlighted on the touching acoustic cover of the Pet Shop Boys Being boring.

    Merril Bainbridge:
    (Being boring) was a spontaneous thought to perform. I really liked that song and Mark (Domony, guitarist) was in the studio, working with another band. I asked him if he was free to put some songs down. He had never heard (the original), so he wasn’t influenced by it. I gave him the chords, and we just clicked.

The Garden. Mouth. DOWNLOAD AUDIO.
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Merril Bainbridge’s version of lyrics.

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