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B eing boring was also covered by Norwegian group Autopulver. The song is somewhat shortened (3:59) mix of pop and rock with electric guitars and some ad-libbing at the end.

Autopulver’s version was originally a B-side to a single called Frisbee (released domestically in May 1997, then 10 months later in Benelux), and then as a separate single in Benelux in April 1999. Benelux rerelease of band’s album F-words featured Being boring as a bonus 13th track.

Additionally, Autopulver’s website mentions a “low-budget video” made for the song, although it’s not present on a supposedly enhanced single (which also has the song in monaural format).

Being boring. Frisbee. DOWNLOAD AUDIO.
(High quality, monaural, 4 MB)


Autopulver’s website.

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