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T he original mix of Being boring was issued as a first track on Pet Shop Boys late 1990’s album Behaviour.


A long with other Pet Shop Boys singles from 1985 to 1991, the 7” version of Being boring appeared on compilation album Discography, released almost a year after the original Being boring single.


A lbum version of the song resurfaced in 1997 as one of the song on triple album Originals, released only in the Netherlands.


E xtended mix of Being boring was also added to America/Japan-only limited edition compilation CD called Essential, released in 1998.


I n addition to CD 3 of UK and European releases of You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk, live version of Being boring from Nightlife tour appeared on Mini PSB Japanese compilation CD, released in 2000.

Mini PSB.

Y ear 2001 saw the re-release of first six studio albums, including Behaviour, packaged with the bonus CD containing extended mix of Being boring in addition to the album version. The preceding promotional album Sampler also included the extended mix of the song.

Sampler. Reissued Behaviour.

O f more rare records, Being boring was released as a first track on 1990’s Japanese promotional compilation vinyl album called simply Pet Shop Boys, along with other tracks from Behaviour and some previous hits (this is probably the most expensive record with Being boring on it, estimated to be worth £ 600).

1993 saw another Japan-only release, Promotion (not to be confused with a video release of the same name), limited to 100 copies, which contained most of the singles, Being boring included. In 1999 single version of the song became the last track on the first CD of yet another Japanese promotional double album, called Special ’99.

Pet Shop Boys. Special ’99.

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