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Marshall Jefferson.

M arshall Jefferson was born in Chicago (he himself isn’t sure which year) and started DJ-ing as soon as in 1983, becoming quite popular and signing to such important labels as DJ International and Trax.

Apart from that, he has created remixes for several artists, including Tom Jones, Ryuchi Sakamoto, J. D. Braithway and Chris Westbrook and released albums of his own (i.e. 1997’s Day of the onion or 1998’s Parrains de la house).

Marshall Jefferson earlier remixed 1989’s Dusty Springfield and Pet Shop Boys collaboration Nothing has been proved (his remix was named “dance mix”). A year later he was once again chosen by Pet Shop Boys—this time they asked him to remix Being boring. He was the only person to do so, and his mix was released on 12” vinyl called Being remixed.


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Authorized remixes of the song.

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