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Neil Tennant.

N eil Francis Tennant was born on 10th July, 1954 in Newcastle in England. He started writing songs at an early age. When he was sixteen, he formed a band named Dust, then went on to study history and socialism at North London Polytechnic. He tried several jobs (including editing books and working for Marvel Comics) until eventually becoming a writer for Smash Hits magazine. And then, one half of the Pet Shop Boys.

If Chris is “cool”—with his love for clubs, dance music, trendy clothes and lager—Neil can be described as “posh.” He likes art, literature, history, classical music and red wine. It’s him who writes most of the lyrics and then sings them.

Chris’ opinion about Neil:

    Neil is great to argue with simply because he knows so much. Historical knowledge in particular. For instance if you say to him “I don’t understand this Bosnia thing” Neil can come straight in and tell you. And I admire his determination, his understanding of what’s right and wrong. Neil used to be very much a workaholic, and he tends to get restless and irritable if he’s not doing anything. He paces around his house feeling guilty.

Classic quote: “One of the main reasons that people in the music business end up broke is because they spend too much money.”

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