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Chris Lowe.

C hristopher Sean Lowe is one half of Pet Shop Boys. He was born on 4th October, 1959 in Blackpool, England and came from a musical family, therefore since his early days he played trombone and keyboards. Since 1978 he studied architecture on Liverpool University (the only evidence of which being a staircase in Milton Keynes) and roughly three years later, on 19th August, 1981, he met Neil Tennant in a records shop in Chelsea.

The story—described thoroughly in various other resources—went on and for the years being, Chris Lowe is one of the Pet Shop Boys; the one who stands behind the keyboards always looking bored; the one who wears hats and glasses as if he wanted to separate himself from the world outside; the one who rarely speaks and rarely smiles, avoiding people and leaving all communications to Neil. He hardly ever sings on records or writes lyrics, both these activities are Neil’s responsibility as well.

Neil once said about Chris:

    He is five years younger than me. I thought he was quite unusual. He was very self-conscious, in a way. He had outrageous opinions, which of course he still does. Well, you could interpret them as outrageous. He was sort of unsure of himself.

    Actually, it was a strange mix—it still is. He was unsure of himself in some ways. But also completely sure and clear about his likes and dislikes. Hundred percent sure about his likes and dislikes. I’m sort of the opposite.

Classic quote: “I haven’t got a problem with this global warming because I like it quite hot.”

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