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J. J. Belle

J . J. Belle is a musician—guitar, drum and keyboard player. He played guitar on albums by Grace Jones, George Michael, Jennifer Rush, Jimmy Sommerville, Tina Turner and Gina G. He appeared in some of the Pet Shop Boys’ songs, including Being boring, 1993’s Liberation and Go West, in addition to Liza Minnelli’s Love pains and I can’t say goodnight.

J. J. Belle also appeared with Pet Shop Boys on their 1991’s Performance tour, as well as one-night stands in Heaven Nightclub in London in October 1991 and Haçienda club in Manchester in May 1992. New version of Violence performed at Haçienda was released on Pet Shop Boys’ 1995’s Alternative album and 1996’s Se a vida é also featured J. J. Belle’s guitar.


J. J. Belle’s official site.

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