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Julian Mendelsohn.

J ulian Mendelsohn is an engineer, mixer and producer. He remixed several Pet Shop Boys classics, such as Heart, It’s alright, Suburbia, Always on my mind and This must be the place I waited years to leave (his extended mix of that song is considered one of the best by fans). He was producer and/or engineer on their early albums—1986’s Disco, 1987’s Actually and 1987’s Introspective, then he coproduced Liza Minnelli’s 1989’s album Results with Pet Shop Boys themselves. Julian Mendelsohn mixed 1990’s Behaviour and some B-sides of that era, and then sort of came back to assist Pet Shop Boys in 1994 in creating a new radio mix of Yesterday, when I was mad.

Apart from Pet Shop Boys, he remixed songs from Level 42, Catatonia, Talk Talk and Peter Gabriel and was an engineer on Kate Bush’s and ABC’s tracks (among others). He also produced Paul McCartney’s and Dusty Springfield’s albums. An interesting sidenote: on several occassions Julian Mendelsohn was engineering and remixing tracks for a group called... Go West.

Julian Mendelsohn was nominated best producer at 1988 British Awards. He also released his own mini album, told to be very ambient in style.

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