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M any people claim that New Order’s single and football anthem World in motion, also released in 1990 and Being boring are similar to the point that one could suspect plagiarism—or at least an inspiration. But as it’s very unprobable that either band could heard the other’s song before writing their own and considering the fact that what are striking similarities to one might seem like no connection to the other, we can safely assume that the (alleged) resemblance is strictly coincidental.

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Perhaps it is also interesting to mention that both Pet Shop Boys and New Order had a song on their 1993’s albums (Very and Republic, respectively) called Young offender.

B ut this isn’t the case when it comes to Saint Etienne’s 1991’s song She’s the one (released on their album Foxbase Alpha) which drum pattern is sampled from Being boring’s Marshall Jefferson remix.

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U nerworld’s 2002’s track Twist is told to have a similar bassline/sequencer sound to Being boring.

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