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T he Q magazine (January 1992 issue) published a scan of original lyrics page for Being boring, with corrections from Neil Tennant himself:

Original lyrics.

T he following is a close recreation of what was written on the page. Some of the lyrics, particularly hand-written additions, were very hard to decipher, as indicated by question marks:

    I came across a (pile) cache of old photos
    (an invitation to a particular party) and invitations to (articular) teenage parties
    (Dress in white, it said, with a quotations) Dress in white, one said, with quotations
    (and gave a quotation)
    from someone’s wife, a famous writer
    in the 1920s
    When you’re young
    you find inspiration
    in anyone who’s ever (been wrong) [???] gone and
    (or) opened up a closed door, (she said) and she said
    we were never bored (feeling bored)

    cause we were never being boring
    we had too much time to spend with ourselves [time for ourselves]
    and we were never being boring
    we dressed up and foufght, (were taught amd) [???] made friends
    we were never holding back, or
    worried that
    our time would come to an end

    When I (left) went, I left from the station
    (I had to know but felt trepidation) (a cup of tea) with a (suitcase) haversack and some trepidation
    Someone said if youre not carfeul
    you’ll have nothing left and nothing to crafe for in (it was) the 1970s
    I sat back and looking forward
    (to a new lfie I had to know evrything) my shoes were high and I had scored
    I’d (walked right) [bolted] through (an open door) a closing door
    And I would never find myself (being) feeling bored

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