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T he Release tour was basically a continuation of the earlier short “university tour.” Once again a more-or-less classic version of Being boring was performed, initially as the first song of the encore, following Go West, but later returning as the second song, this time after Home and dry (the setlist was first changed for the Denver concert).

This tour consisted of 54 concerts:

Date City Country
14th May, 2002 Miami USA
15th May, 2002 Melbourne USA
16th May, 2002 Atlanta USA
18th May, 2002 Washington USA
19th May, 2002 Boston USA
21st May, 2002 New York City USA
(Low quality,
recorded from audience, 10 MB)
22nd May, 2002 New York City USA
23rd May, 2002 Montreal Canada
25th May, 2002 Philadelphia USA
26th May, 2002 Toronto Canada
27th May, 2002 Detroit USA
28th May, 2002 Chicago USA
30th May, 2002 Denver USA
1st June, 2002 Dallas USA
2nd June, 2002 Houston USA
4th June, 2002 San Diego USA
5th June, 2002 Las Vegas USA
7th June, 2002 Los Angeles USA
8th June, 2002 San Francisco USA
9th June, 2002 San Francisco USA
13th June, 2002 Barcelona Spain
15th June, 2002 Zurich Austria
16th June, 2002 Milan Italy
17th June, 2002 Rome Italy
19th June, 2002 Athens Greece
21st June, 2002 Berlin Germany
22nd June, 2002 Hamburg Germany
23rd June, 2002 Leipzig Germany
(Medium quality,
recorded from audience, 8 MB)
24th June, 2002 Munich Germany
26th June, 2002 Brussels Belgium
27th June, 2002 Amsterdam Netherlands
28th June, 2002 Roskilde Denmark
30th June, 2002 Stockholm Sweden
1st July, 2002 Gothenberg Sweden
3rd July, 2002 Dusseldorf Germany
4th July, 2002 Frankfurt Germany
5th July, 2002 Paris France
6th July, 2002 London United Kingdom
8th July, 2002 Brighton United Kingdom
10th July, 2002 Grimsby United Kingdom
11th July, 2002 Sheffield United Kingdom
12th July, 2002 Manchester United Kingdom
14th July, 2002 Newcastle United Kingdom
15th July, 2002 Edinburgh United Kingdom
16th July, 2002 Nottingham United Kingdom
18th July, 2002 Wolverhampton United Kingdom
19th July, 2002 Cambridge United Kingdom
21st July, 2002 Oxford United Kingdom
22nd July, 2002 Bristol United Kingdom
23rd July, 2002 Nyon Switzerland
27th July, 2002 Nigata Japan
29th July, 2002 Singapore Singapore
31st July, 2002 Hong Kong Hong Kong
8th August, 2002 Bangkok Thailand

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