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D uring summer 2000 dates, Pet Shop Boys came back to performing the usual concert mix of Being boring, with Sylvia Mason-James on supporting vocals and the regular version of the video on backdrop.

Being boring was performed on the following summer 2000 concerts:

Date City Country
1st June, 2000 Jerusalem Israel
3rd June, 2000 Raanana Israel
6th June, 2000 Tallinn Estonia
7th June, 2000 Vilnius Lithuania
8th June, 2000 Riga Latvia
14th June, 2000 Yokohama Japan
16th June, 2000 Tokyo Japan
17th June, 2000 Tokyo Japan
19th June, 2000 Osaka Japan
(Medium quality,
recorded from audience, 6 MB)
20th June, 2000 Osaka Japan
21st June, 2000 Fukuoka Japan
28th June, 2000 Athens Greece
29th June, 2000 Athens Greece
2nd July, 2000 Budapest Hungary
(Medium quality,
recorded from audience, 7 MB)
9th July, 2000 Karlstad Sweden
14th July, 2000 Bern Switzerland
15th July, 2000 Gliwice Poland
21st July, 2000 Llanara Spain

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