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L ive version of Being boring which was performed in Rio de Janeiro 1994’s concert as part of the Discovery tour, was released in 1995 on a VHS and laserdisc of the same name.


A   recording of one of the concerts at Savoy Theatre in London in 1997 (which included Being boring) was released on a video cassette and DVD called Somewhere.


S hort, single-camera snippet from Pet Shop Boys’ performance of Being boring at Creamfields festival was released on a promotional video cassette entitled EMI Mailout 9.9.99, alongside videos from Eternal and Joe Cocker.

Mailout 9.9.99.

C omposition of several various live performances of Being boring from 1999’s-2000’s Nightlife tour, combined with the regular video, was released in 2001 on VHS and DVD entitled Montage.


A udio recordings of two Nightlife concerts (in Erfurt and Atlanta) were released on promo CDs on Sire Records in 2000. Fourth track on both of them was the respective live version of Being boring.

It is yet unknown, though, if the CDs are official releases or simply bootlegs with some official logos put on them.

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