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A nd this is it. If you browsed the pages in the numerical order, you have now ended your journey to the vast world created by just one single song. I hope it didn’t take you ten years, and I wish that it wasn’t even a little bit boring.

On previous pages you could see everything I could gather about Being boring. Thus far. There are still some mysteries, some releases I wasn’t able to purchase, many articles I didn’t even know they exist... If you are or know anyone who has or knows something about Being boring that is not present on this site—please, let me know.

As I mentioned before, this is not an one-off anniversary site, as the title may suggest. There will be updates, although maybe not on regular basis. Even though it might seem wasting time, I will still be searching for anything related with Being boring. Because, as someone once said, “It deserves nothing less. The song is that important.”

And in the meanwhile, thank you for visiting the site.


Marcin Wichary.

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