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T he excerpt of Zelda Fitzgerald quote has been printed on back sleeves of all regular Being boring releases.

T he photos of Neil and Chris as on the UK 12” vinyl sleeve were used as a backdrop for the final part of the promotional video for How can you expect to be taken seriously?

How can you expect to be... video. How can you expect to be... video.
How can you expect to be... video. How can you expect to be... video.

B eing boring sleeve continued the now lost distinctive tradition of every title of the song having been ended by a dot, which has been used on most of the releases since the very beginning.

Also, having in mind the passage from Literally 24:

    Long hours were spent trying to agree on consistent rules for punctuation, particularly in Neil’s lyrics. (The basic rule followed is that a new line begins with a capital letter when the previous sentence—which of often far from the same as the previous line—has finished). One of the many points of dispute in the text itself was Neil’s insistence that the Pet Shop Boys’ rules for how they write their song titles—in particular which letters should be printed in upper or lower case—should be formalised and rigorously followed. The rule is that, in this respect, all Pet Shop Boys song titles should be treated as if they are sentences: the first word should be capitalised, but subsequent words should only be capitalised if they are proper nouns. So it should be I want a dog but it likewise should be Dreaming of the Queen (as the song refers to one particular queen, the Queen of England). Most controversial was Neil’s insistence that—because the West End is a specific area of London—West End girls should henceforth appear like that. This rule only applies to songs the Pet Shop Boys have written, or to the Pet Shop Boys recordings, so it would be correct to write about the Pet Shop Boys number one hit Always on my mind whilst also noting that they were inspired to record it after hearing Elvis Presley’s hit version of Always On My Mind.

it seems that the wrong capitalization is used on Being boring sleeves.

2 001 campaign for Nike’s Nike Shox products featured newspaper adverts very similar to Mark Farrow’s Being boring sleeves, both text- and designwise.

Nike Shox advert.

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