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P romotional items used to advertise Being boring records include:

60”×40” black and white poster by John Huba, showing Neil, Chris and actors from the video (this is the same photograph as the cast photo published in Literally 5, only with PetShopBoys caption added to the bottom). The poster allegedly truly beautiful in real life and was part of the merchandise on 1991’s Performance tour, where it was sold for about six dollars. Market price of the poster raised a few years ago to about $ 15,00 and nowadays the value is probably even higher.

Promotional poster.

Advertisements in newspapers, almost identical to the sleeve of 12” UK release.

Newspaper advert.

Thick cardboard shop counter standing display, virtually identical to the advert above. The display is 304×203 mm, 2-3 mm thick, with a cardboard stand stuck to the back that allows it to be stood upright.


T he 2002’s Release tour merchandise included several similarly looking, colour T-shirts with captions like “Closet homosexual,” “Blackpool rock & roll,” “Quite heavy metal,” “Sexy Notherner” and... “Being boring.” However, the design of the T-shirt shows no resemblance to that of Being boring singles. (The T-shirts were priced $30 each.)

In Literally 26, Neil mentions: “That’s the first time we’ve ever done that. Normally there’s only one t-shirt. Closet Homosexual didn’t sell very well, you’ll be surprised to know, but Sexy Northener did very well.”

Promotional T-shirt (front and back).

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