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T he sleeves to regular issues of Being boring are accompanied by one of three photos taken by The Douglas Brothers:

Picture one. Picture two. Picture three.

N ext three pictures from the same photo session appeared in Discography songbook (the first one, which has also been used on a cover of Literally—the book—hardback edition) and in fan club magazine Literally 5 (the other two).

Neil and Chris. Neil and Chris. Chris and Neil.

P hotographs of Chris and Neil taken by Douglas Brothers were printed in better quality in songbooks for Behaviour and Discography.

Neil Tennant. Chris Lowe.

T he 2001’s reissue of Behaviour included two other photographs in better quality.

Neil Tennant. Chris Lowe.

T here also was an additional, not known before photo of both Neil and Chris from that session:

F an club magazine Literally (January 1991 edition, issue #5) included a paragraph about that photo session and the clothing Pet Shop Boys did wear:

    The sleeve photos for Being boring were taken in the Pet Shop Boys’ London office by a photographic duo called The Douglas Brothers. (“The way they work is quite unusual,” says Neil. “Whilst one of them sets up the shot, the other photographs”). Chris is wearing a Michiko inflatable jacket from the Michiko shop in London’s Neal Street along with a cheap leather hat that he bought specially (“I know what I wanted, so I had to go and find one”), Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses, white trousers and Air Jordan trainers: “I had it all conceived in my head.” Neil is wearing the same Thierry Mugler outfit as he wore in the So hard video. The photographs were originally taken for an article in an American magazine called Creem, but the Pet Shop Boys liked them so much they bought some of them. In the article Chris is described as looking like “a B-boy from Pluto” and enthuses about the jacket, “I love it. It comes in a bag!”

A pparently there’s also been a different photo session for Being boring with Sheila Rock. Two photographs from this session appeared in 2001’s Behaviour reissue booklet.


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