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R eleased three weeks before Being boring, Behaviour album presented a very similar design, although that time the photography was done by Eric Watson. Such decision was made in order to create a visual connection between the single and the album, and was done earlier and later on small and large scale (the examples include Japanese promo of Domino dancing versus Introspective, Single versus Bilingual or New York City Boy versus Nightlife.


The following information about Behaviour design appeared in the album’s 2001’s reissue:

    The sombre images of the Pet Shop Boys, some red roses and an abandoned chair which appeared on the album sleeve were taken by Eric Watson. “We had this idea for the photographs with the roses because we’d been to Liza Minnelli’s apartment in New York and she had this fantastic photograph, I think by Richard Avedon, of Judy Garland as a tramp holding a huge bunch of red roses,” says Neil. “So we just nicked the idea of the huge bunch of red roses and suggested it to Eric. We got all the roses from about three florists in Fulham because we wanted trillions of them.”

    “They didn’t have the thorns removed either,” says Chris. “It was very painful.”

    “But there was something luscious about it—the beautiful red roses,” says Neil. “At the end of the session Eric had the idea of photographing just the chair and the roses. Then we did the solo portraits, and Eric thought they were too brutal, but we really liked them.”

    “I like that picture of me,” Chris reflects. “I think I should always be photographed from behind.”

    “Mark Farrow had the idea of using the four photographs like that,” remembers Neil. He says that one detail has always annoyed him: “I’ve always thought the full stop after the word Behaviour is over-designed. It looks a bit naff. I probably thought it looked cool at the time but now I think it’s irritating, because it’s not a sentence.”

T he 12” Bralizian promo for So hard was also issued using a similar design, with photo of roses and chair taken straight from Behaviour sleeve.

So hard.

A nother instance of So hard meeting Being boring is this joint sheet music (which little is known about), with a unique and interesting “best of both worlds” design.

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